Below you will find a few samples from various photo albums: Atlantic City; Botanic Gardens; Florida; All Around the Town; Friends & Family; and Odds & Ends. Click on the album heading to see all of the thumbnails for that album; click on a thumbnail for the full-sized picture.

  New content in the Florida Album (see pages 15-18).

  New album: Odds & Ends.

Atlantic City

My parents and I went to Atlantic City for a few days in March of 2005, and again in August 2005. Some of the shots are a little fuzzy -- I was still learning to use my nifty new 5 megapixel camera -- so excuse the amateurish cast of some of the photos.

Picnic Tables

Beach w/Border

Benches w/Border

Botanic Gardens

The photos in this album were taken at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens at various times over the last few years. Some were taken during the Garden's famous Cherry Blossom Festival, and others while I was strolling around enjoying my membership.

Wisteria Knot

Turtle Family

Cranford Rose Garden


The photos in this album were taken while on family vacations in Florida at various times over the last few years.

MK: Liberty Square

Reedy Creek Fire Dept

DM: Tower of Terror

Odds & Ends

This album contains quirky pictures, or little items that mean something to me, or pix that simply do not fit any other category.


Goebel Hummele

Shadow Photographer


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