Listed below are the first few lines of some poems I wrote mostly in the early 1980s while I was in college and soon after graduation -- when I still had time to be creative. I still like some of them, and others I cringe at, but they're mine for better or worse.
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Poems of My Youth

Remembrance (1983)

A sense of longing is felt
Guiding my soul to follow the path
To my memories. Go to Remembrance

Raindrops (1982)

Raindrops fall on the cobblestones
Making the gray stones all slick and wet. Go to Raindrops

Moments of Dawn (1983)

All is quiet.
No creature stirs.
No breeze disturbs the silence of
Evening. Go to Moments of Dawn

The Little Tree (1983)

A tree stands alone in the forest
Nurtured solely by the silvery light of the Goddess Selene.
Her beams bathe the little tree with comfort,
Comfort the little tree receives from no other source... Go to The Little Tree

Soaring on the Winds (1983)

Lying on my back
I stare up into the clear blue sky
And watch the birds soaring on the thermals
Under the hot morning sun. Go to Soaring on the Winds

Ah! Youth (1983)

How great it would be if all the world could see
Through the eyes of the young.
The innocence of experience;
The simple joys of a butterfly's frenzied flight;
The soft whisper of a summer breeze;
Or the gentle laughter of a gurgling stream.Go to Ah! Youth

The Never-Ending Circle of Life (03/1982)

When I look through all my memories and feelings
I see and understand that my life is lived through limitations.
I know what I want, what I need... Go to The Never-Ending Circle of Life

A Grand White Show (02/1983)

The snow falls outside my window pane;
The flakes racing downward in reckless abandon
Trying to reach the ground before their companions. Go to A Grand White Show

Poetry Based on Photos

The poems in this section were inspired by photos taken by Syrenemyst. Most were written quite recently, except for Sing the Song of Life.

Fallen (2005)


Fallen not beaten,
Bowed but not broken,
Striving not failing,
Fighting but dying,
Unbeaten but fallen.

Rose Redux (2004)

Rose Redux

Time slips away, along with the color, and I am alone in a black & white world.
I try to hold on to the color within me, the memories of my life before the loss, but it's so hard.
My heart beats, pulsing in the colors of love.
The burst of emotion: the early blush of infatuation, the bright pink of adoration, the deep red of passion.
I spread my petals to the sun and absorb the fiery brilliance of its light.
I capture it and offer it up to the memories of my lost love.
Shining forever, I hold the blackness at bay.

Sing the Song of Life (1992)

Puffy Clouds

Sing the song of life,
Far from daily strife,
Where the brush of a butterfly's wing,
And the breath of a summer's breeze,
Blows your soul to me.

Across the gulf let it
Drift 'til caught
With the hush of falling snow
To melt into the blue of a deep pool
Warmed by the flame that is love.

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Miscellaneous Works

The poems in this section were inspired by the original science fiction universe I've been developing for decades.

This Island Earth (1982)

"I do not believe you humans!
You have this lovely gem--this shining jewel in the black velvet of outer space.
And what do you do? Go to This Island Earth

The Winding River (07/1982)

He and I are of different worlds-
I, from among the stars
He, a child of Earth. Go to The Winding River

The Joining (1983)

I reach out my mind to thee
For thou art my soul.
You be my other self
My counterforce, my balance of power... Go to The Joining


The poems in this section are mere fragments, or works that are still in progress.


My path is chosen
I'll never look back
For my destiny lies
On a forward track.


Two tracks converge ahead of me
In the thickening gloom
As I ride along the railroad
On the midnight train to nowhere Go to Discovery

The Eagle

Music flows on the wind
So sweet yet sad
Echoing one soul. Go to The Eagle


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