Listed below are some favorite sites that I find particularly useful or just plain enjoyable -- plus the shameless plug for my friends' sites and my new publishing empire. LOL!

Visit my pages dedicated to my newly published works, the Vampires in the Cityseries.You can also find status updates on the Facebook page dedicated to the series. Check out my Author page on Amazon. And if that weren't enough, you can read my blog, as well.

Check out the pages dedicated to my cover artist for the first three books in the series, Lynnor Bontigao.

My muse has links of her own to explore. If photography is your passion, visit Syrenemyst Photography. You'll find galleries chock-full of excellent pictures, plus the opportunity to buy some of her more special shots as prints. In her words: "Photographs are meant to capture beauty, invoke reactions, or stir memories. I hope that the photographs presented here do just that." Looking for a decorative box to store all your doodads? Take a look at her Treasure Boxes. Trust me, it's worth the visit.

Do you love handmade, organic cosmetics? Well, take a look at the USA version of Lush. Lush has some of the most marvelous products for your body and face and hair. My favorites? Big, Veganese, Miranda soap and many more, too numerous to list here.


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