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Welcome to The Mercurial Press. For information regarding my newly published original fiction Vampires in the City, click on the Bookshelf option in the left-hand navigation. Below you will find bookshelves filled with my fan fiction based on Angel: The Series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Forever Knight. Stories with multiple parts or chapters have listings for each chapter separately so you can visit any chapter of any story from this page. Once you are reading one of the chapters, you can jump to any other chapter by using the left-hand slide menu (just take note of the rectangle with the red border and blue background poking out from the left margin on any story with multiple chapters); slide your mouse over the rectangle and you'll be able to jump to any chapter in that story. Some stories have footnotes or anotations; these stories will have a StoryNotes button beneath the title. Simply mouseover to view the note pages. Enjoy!

Angel: The Series

Ruminations    Last entry made on 1 August 2004

Unfinished Business    Complete as of 29 January 2000

Aftermath    Complete as of 10 April 2001

Elemental, My Dear Angel    Complete as of 30 August 2000

Illusions of Hope    Complete as of 1 September 1999

Warning: rated PG-13 for some adult language

And No Good Thing Ever Dies    Complete as of 4 April 2005 

Warning: rated PG-13 for some adult language and situations.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

When Light Turns to Dark      Complete as of 2 May 1999

  • Chapter One
  • Chapter Two
  • Chapter Three
  • Chapter Four
  • Chapter Five

    Sharp Edges of Night      Complete as of 31 July 1999

    Separation      Complete as of 12 August 1999

  • Forever Knight

    A Cup of Tears      Completed sometime in 1996

  • Chapter One
  • Chapter Two
  • Chapter Three
  • Chapter Four

    Don't Tell Dad the Babysitter's Undead       Circa 1998.

    Warning: some sexual situations.

    Falls Like Rain      Work began in 1997, and still in progress.

    • You Darkness
    • Gust Inside the God
    • After Night I Do Crowd
    • Amo, Amas, I Love a Lass
    • Mortal and Brief

      Warning: Mortal and Brief rated R for adult situations.
    • Ahead of All Parting
    • Wild Regrets
    • The Soul's Dark Cottage
    • A Hell of a Town   
    • Kiss the Blood from My Lips   Coming Soon!
    • This Fleeting World   Coming Soon!

    Francisa       Circa 1998.

    Like Tears from a Star   Last update 03/17/07  

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