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Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Antonia Spadafina.

On this page and the connecting pages, you will find information about my new paranormal urban romance series Vampires in the City. You can read excerpts, see updates, find out more information about the books' world picture, and when you're ready, you can purchase any of the published titles, get yourself a Kindle or download one of the free apps directly from this page.

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Author Bio

I'm a new writer on the scene, with a full universe of characters all related in some way. I hail from Brooklyn, New York, and have lived there all my life. Although I'm a website manager by trade, I've been writing almost since I could speak, and always dreamed about being published. I was really hooked when one of my poems was published by Highlights for Children when I was just 5 years old. My dream was fulfilled on October 22, 2013 when Amazon published my book for the Kindle. Check out my Author Page on Amazon Author Central for all the 411.

All my stories take place in one of the five boroughs of New York City, and the City can be considered one of my characters. This book and the planned five other books will fit nicely in the Vampires in the City series. I hope you'll read them all.

I'm a character myself, and can best be described by the word mercurial. There are a few other things...I love summer, I hate bugs, cookies and cupcakes make me do a happy dance (especially when I'm the baker) and certain flowers, like tulips, daisies and peonies, fill me with a quiet joy. The pic at the left was taken at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, one of my fav places here in NYC.

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Lynnor Bontigao is the very talented artist who designed and created the art gracing the cover of To Ride the Rain and A Change in Gravity. She'll be doing the next book in the series, so keep your eye here -- we may get a sneak peak when she's ready. Lynnor and I are old friends, old work buddies, and artistic collaborators. In addition to her gallery shows, I'm keeping her busy with the artwork for the children's book we're going to finish one day (promise!), Isabella's Big Umbrella.

Learn all about Lynnor and view her very inspired works of art.

Published Works

Available Now

To Ride the Rain    Published October 21,2013  

A Change in Gravity    Published July 24, 2014  

Walk Eight Miles in My Shoes    Available January 15, 2016  


In the Works

The Way to Dusty Death    Coming the twelfth of never...  


A Matter of Trust    Coming sometime in 2016  


Universe 411

Curious about the universe of Vampires in the City? Check out this section often for more information.

Here are some details and explanation about several groups you'll encounter in the books. There are multiple branches of Vampire Management in this series and they all have their distinct functions. You meet all of them to varying degrees in To Ride the Rain and will see much more of them in the books to come.

1. Investigators

Investigators research any vampire that is remanded to Adjudication. The dossiers the Adjudicators often refer to were built mostly by the Investigative division of VampMgmt. They also check up on any vampire lucky enough to pass Adjudication, ensuring that they integrate back into their lives and remain a viable member of society.

2. Hunters

These are basically the cops. They police their territory, bring down dangerous vampires, decide who gets a second chance through Adjudication and who gets summarily exectuted in the field. They are highly skilled in several forms of martial arts, and are trained to use various weapons, both traditional and modern.

3. Transporters

Transporters came in several varieties: Air, Ground and Water. They are responsible for the containment and Transport of a vampire from point A (capture point) to point B (Adjudication facility).

4. Adjudicators

Adjudicators are the judges, and often the jury and executioner, of the vampires remanded to their care. They are the last line of defense between human society and the vampires sent to them for judgement. A heavy weight rests on their shoulders, and they have many tools in their arsenal to come to the right decision.

5. LBD (Life Before Death

LBD is a fanatical group dedicated to the eradication of vampires at any cost, no matter the collateral damage.

And Now, the Shameless Plug

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