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A word about the photo the interest of saving space, I have used abbreviations for the major attractions and resort areas in and around Disney World and Orlando, Florida: AK is Animal Kingdom; MK is Magic Kigdom; BW is The Boardwalk Resort; Ep is Epcot; DD is Downtown Disney; OKW is Old Key West Resort; DM is Disney MGM; SW is Seaworld; US is Universal Studios. If there is no location code, then I either can't remember where we were or it's just at large in Florida somewhere.

OKW: Living Lace

OKW: Living Lace 2

DM: Rte 66

OKW: Miller's Road

OKW: Signpost

OKW: Mom on the Balcony

OKW: Moola

OKW: Nighttime

OKW: Down the Road


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